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A Wholistic and Futuristic Perspective
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Air Force UFO Rules  
Vanish After Huffington
Post Inquiry
The military deleted a
passage about unidentified
flying objects from a 2008
Air Force personnel manual
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Huffington Post asked
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JANUARY 19, 2017
From Fox TV: Unknown anomaly, associated
with video footage of Donald J Trump's flight
from NY to Washington DC. If it was a bird, or
even an insect, then where were the wings?
Nadine Lalich - UPARS 2014
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Government admission that there are beings from outer
space could “erode the foundations of earth’s traditional
power structure.  Political and legal systems, religions,
economic and social institutions could all soon become
meaningless in the minds of the public…civilization as
we now know it could collapse into anarchy.  Such
extreme conclusions are not necessarily valid, but they
probably accurately reflect the feras of the ‘ruling classes’
of the major nations.”
-Victor Marchetti
Former CIA Official
This is a commentary on the detailed case study presented in the book, Alien Experiences: 25 Cases of Close Encounter,
chapter four entitled
Marie which is actually an account of anomalous events that have taken place in my own life.  
Originally, my prejudice and skepticism regarding the subject of abduction was so profound that I had decided to remain not
only anonymous as an experiencer, but even considered the use of a pseudonym as co-author.  I was unduly concerned
about the perception of others, fearing the ridicule and rejection I imagined would be my fate.  Unexpectedly, over the many
months of working on this project, I slowly experienced a personal transformation on many levels.  Most significantly, the
search for truth became more important to me than maintaining a conservative facade and the possibility of rejection from
friends and colleagues became a price worth paying.

Since 1991, I have been consciously aware of an ongoing disturbing phenomena taking place in my life for which I have
been unable to find a rational explanation.  For years, I would fluctuate between moments of acute clarity and stubborn
denial.  Unable to find the reasonable explanation I longed for, the sheer mental and emotional discomfort would arouse my
pragmatic nature and drive me back into denial.  Then, I would store the mounting evidence in a dark recess of my mind in
the hopes that it would go away.  Always, the reality would return that something outside of my realm of understanding was
taking place.  

Science, physics, algebra and the orderly collection and evaluation of facts have always been extremely appealing to me,
bringing common sense to an otherwise bewildering world.  By nature, I am a problem-solver and, although I enjoy a rich
artistic imagination, when seeking solutions to important matters I prefer to refrain from dramatizing what may already be a
challenging situation.  Naturally, I gravitated towards the legal environment of law and order that proved to me logical
conclusions were possible and, indeed, desirable.  

My first major life challenge in life came decades before any awareness of the current mystery when, during my twenties,
negative family patterns appeared that disrupted my happiness and peace.  I found it necessary to address my mental and
emotional processes where, at first, logical explanation appeared elusive.  My driving ambition became to understand what
a healthy, balanced psychological and emotional state might look like, and then to personally attain that state, at least to a
reasonable degree.  I vigorously dove into personal study of psychology, for years attended self-help programs and
pursued spiritual development, and I sought therapeutic support when necessary.  This fascinating study of the human
psyche and the workings of the subconscious mind developed within me a certain amount of understanding of the human
mind and behavior.  I learned that although logic is a necessary and powerful tool for analysis, recognizing and developing
the invisible process of intuition is also an invaluable tool that brings balance to an investigation and can lead the way to
major discovery.  

Happily, because of my willingness to search for answers in the obscure arena of the human psyche, I am pleased to say
that familial issues were resolved not only for me, but to some extent for all of the members of my family.  The light of truth
brought understanding and a more loving family bond emerged.  This tangible result from intangible evidence was the
result of my commitment to explore a situation where no visible, measurable facts were present.  The only clues were
behavioral indications that something had occurred, and vague pieces of information culled from buried memories.  
Preconceived beliefs and attitudes were also a consideration when evaluating information taken from mind and memory.  
Because of my personal success in dealing with family-related trauma, I gained a small reputation among my peers at the
time, which led to mentoring other individuals who were recovering from their own traumatic pasts.  I accomplished this work
long before I began investigating the extraterrestrial phenomena.  

I would like to discuss an important issue that is certain to come to mind for some people when considering the subject of
alleged alien abduction.  That is, could these abduction scenarios simply be masking other painful, traumatic events from
the earlier experiences of the so-called abductee?  Indeed, this possibility needs to be considered, and any thorough
investigation of this phenomenon should first rule out that factor as much as possible.  However, I believe the most
important aspect to consider, other than the person’s current emotional and psychological state, is whether or not they
have satisfactorily resolved any other traumatic events from their past.  This resolution should be substantial enough that
differentiating the recall of an abduction event as opposed to another kind of stressful event, would not be terribly difficult.  

Personally, I find that using percentages can be a helpful tool for evaluation and decision-making.  In my case, I am ninety-
nine percent certain that my memories of contact with non-human entities represent actual events that have occurred in
some manner, although not necessarily in the physical realm.  I believe that seventy-five percent of the information I have
remembered, consciously or from regression, accurately portray those experiences, with twenty-five percent of my total
recall being potentially distorted by the intrusion of a masked or screened memory, activated by something or someone
outside of my control.  Additionally, having thoroughly examined my life and family history prior to addressing the abduction
phenomena, I believe that my recall of these anomalous experiences is minimally contaminated by unrelated events from
my past.   

I personally spent the years during my thirties and forties in the study of psychology and in the exploration of my own post-
traumatic stress related to dysfunctional familial issues.  Having put those issues to rest, I believe there is clearly a different
mechanism involved in the abduction scenario.  It is a known fact that the stress of a traumatic event can alter the way in
which the mind records a situation.  In the case of disassociation, a person subjected to such an event might focus only on
one or several elements present in the situation, such as an object or a particular sound.  Limiting his focus in such a
manner, distracts him from the more threatening aspects of the event, thus allowing him to preserve his psychological and
emotional state and retain a sense of order and control.  Thus, he has compartmentalized those aspects he is not yet
ready, or capable, to confront.  In my own life, as part of the process of unraveling family psychology, I discovered that in
my childhood and teen years, I had disassociated and compartmentalized various events as an emotional and ego survival
mechanism.  In time, as I matured and became equipped to process that information, my subconscious memory
relinquished those events in full detail, allowing me to integrate and resolve related issues.  I learned to trust this unique
safety valve built into the human mind.  

As I review my conscious memories of the alien abduction-like experiences, and those retrieved from regression, I note no
typical disassociation taking place.  Instead, it is as if the intensity of the memories, i.e., visual, auditory and emotional, has
been turned down like the volume control on a radio, reducing the number of details that are recorded.  This does not
invalidate the information that was recorded, but it means that the memory will be punctuated by gaps or blanks, turning the
recollection of the event more into a slideshow than a continuous movie.  Some of the more distressing aspects of an
abduction event can later surface, spontaneously or under regression, when the book was completed and written regarding
my own personal experiences, did I begin to review the materials from other cases of abduction.  (The materials Barbara
presented for consideration and use in this book were identified by an identification number only, and not referenced by
name of the real experiencer.)  

As I reviewed my many, detailed, journal entries from over the years, and the transcripts from my hypnotic regressions
conducted with Barbara, and later, as the collective works in this book were taking shape, I longed to find a conventional
explanation for the phenomena, but have so far been unable to do so.  Unlike many people who experience extraterrestrial
contact, I have been a reluctant participant and, for the most part, I have considered it an intrusion into an otherwise,
peaceful and satisfying life.  Yet, being a person who thrives on challenge, I do enjoy investigation and the process of
analyzing data to find solutions.  I am also pleased that my once prominent fear of having alien encounters has nearly

Although I cannot state, without reservation, that I believe the events as recorded in my memory are actual physical or
astral alien abductions, I do consider it a viable possibility.  Therefore, I am resolved to further explore in the hopes of
finding some piece of physical evidence or logical rationale for the events that have taken place in my life and, apparently,
in the lives of untold numbers of people on our planet.  I believe that with diligent attention to detail and intuition, and an
appropriate procedure for analyzing the intangible data from abductions, understanding will come.  My gratitude goes out to
all of the experiencers who have boldly told their stories and to the researchers who have dedicated years of their lives to
investigating the UFO and abduction phenomena.  It is through their efforts that we will someday come to understand who
we are and what the true nature of the cosmos is.

                                                                                                                                             - Nadine Lalich
by Nadine Lalich
Comments about Nadine Lalich:
Mike Clelland Interview with
Nadine Lalich

I liked Nadine's level-headed
approach to the phenomenon and
her reluctance to label it precisely
as others have done.
              -Bright Garlick


“This audio conversation gave
me the chills several times. In fact
I was so spooked during her
discription of the beings hand I
had to take a break from listening.
I think it possibly has to do with
her even keel way if speaking--
she sounded very credible and
as such made me listen much
more vigorously.
              -Chris R.

Nadine calm clear voice is
exactly what drew me to her. So
yes, I feel the same way.
She is a very credible person
sharing a very INCREDIBLE
              -Mike Clelland

Impressive lady. Clear
recollections, balanced tone.
I, too, found this conversation
incredibly rewarding. I look
forward to hearing more about
Nadine's experiences, but MORE
importantly: her take on them.
I specially enjoyed the part
where she mentioned that the
'others' told her about God --"God
expands as we expand" "God
expands through us as us"--
since I find those assertions
incredibly resonant with my own
personal musings, and my
findings along my own spiritual

Regarding her presentation on
the video-- she mentions the
mantis-like one as being more
warm, dynamic, sensitive, and
relate-able and says that its her
favorite one to be with, even
though its looks are perhaps
more frightening. Very similar to
my own feelings there regarding
the mantids.
              -Lucretia Heart

Probably one of the best alien
abduction interviews since
listening to the late Dr Karla
Turner. It's even more
worthwhile for the person who
hasn't got time to put a thousand
hours into one of the most
complex subjects I've

I'm increasingly of the opinion that
the future coming back to the
past to secure DNA is not only
scientifically possible but very
much part of the story.

Even if the subject matter doesn't
interest you, if you like gut
punching interviews where the
room walls suddenly contract
closer. This is one them.
              -Charles Frith
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SEPTEMBER 15, 2017