Excerpts from the Book Alien Experiences

Description of Contact

People appear to be abducted for a variety of reasons. Physical experiences include medical examinations,
reproductive procedures, including sexual relations with aliens, testing of their body fluids, insertion and
replacement of implants, relating to their hybrid offspring, testing of emotional reactions, and sometimes
being suspended in large tanks of strange liquid.

Astral experiences include being taken by the little whites to a state described as a web of learning, where
they learn healing, psychic, ecological, and technological skills, piloting spaceships, how to help surviving
humans after massive earth disasters, and other subjects. Perhaps for their own sense of security, these
abductees construct in their minds a setting that seems appropriate for this kind of learning: A school, a
laboratory, a library, a temple of learning, or some similar setting, although they are actually experiencing a
non-physical place and state of being. Any abductee may experience combinations of physical and astral,
positive and negative experiences. Abductees may encounter many different kinds of aliens over time, often
during one abduction. Some abductees have terrifying experiences at the beginning of an experience but end
up feeling thrilled to be face-to-face with enlightened, spiritual beings; some abductees become able to
channel meaningful information from these beings. Whether the experience is to be physical or astral, it
begins with the abductee being rendered paralyzed and amnesic. Experiencers have told me that this is
necessary to prevent their flailing out in fright and anger, and to enable the particles of their bodies to
separate enough to move through a solid wall or closed window. Because this part of the experience seems
to be intrusive and non-optional, the abductee usually reacts negatively, even if the experience turns out to be
a positive one.

(From Chapter 4)

Excerpt from Regression of Marie
Conducted by Barbara Lamb on May 28, 2005

Q:        We are going to go back to May 20, 2005, when you were in bed at night and we are going back to the
unusual dream you had that night and to the unusual sounds you heard in the room on the same night when
you had that dream.  You have some memories of the dream and we’re going back now to see exactly what
occurred on that night, Friday night, May 20, 2005.  Tell me, Marie, what’s your first sense that something is

A:        There’s someone at the foot of the bed, the right of the bed.  

Q:        As you are aware of this, does it seems like your eyes are closed?  

A:        My eyes are closed, but it feels like someone is standing there.  Could it be possible that still another
type has come along?  These are not like before.  They just step out of nowhere and appear.  It’s as if the
atmosphere just opens up and here is this being, looking at me curiously.  He has a big head and a skinny
body, and he’s tall, white and pasty.  He looks like a bug, but he’s not as tall as the extremely tall ones.  This
one is about five-foot-five and translucent, like you can sort of see through him.  His skin is very thin and has
a bluish tint to it.  Boy, he is really looking at me cu-\riously!  I’m wondering why this species just all of a
sudden develops some interest when you’ve never been involved with them before?  

Q:        So, you’re aware of them and you’re wondering about this.  

A:        I just realized that there are three of them and I think they’re actually physically in the room.  They’re
pulling the covers back on the bed!  Oh, this is scary!  Something is very different this time and it’s not at all
familiar to me.  

Q:        Is it just because they’re different that this seems especially scary?  

A:        Their agenda is different from the others.  They want me to do something or they want to program me
to do something for them.  They’re pulling me out of bed.  

Q:        How are they pulling you out of bed?

A:        I think that they physically moved the covers back and I just floated up out of bed.  Whoa!  This is just
much more dramatic.  Is this really happening or could this be my imagination doing this?  This has never
happened before!

Q:        Just keep on letting it happen.  

A:        Well, I’m floating right up out of the bed and through the walls.  Gee, I’ve never had any memory of
anything like this ever happening before.

Q:        Well, let us just keep on going with this.  

A:        It feels like - whoa!

Q:        So, you’re floating up out of the bed and through the wall.  As you are going through the wall, are you
going through it alone or does it seem like they’re with you?  

A:        I don’t think they’re with me.

Q:        So, it seems like you’re going through the wall on your own?  

A:        It feels like I’m going through the wall at an angle, up and out through the apartment to the side.  I’m
moving towards a very bright light.  Oh God!  

Q:        Well, just keep going.  You’re moving through the wall into a very bright light.  

A:        The bright light is pulling me upward.  

Q:        Does it seem like you’re outside?  

A:        Oh, yes.  I’m outside. This is  a physical experience!

Q:        Okay then.  Your whole body is really there and doing this.  

A:        Yes, and I don’t know them.  Everybody does it different, but this is very different.  I’m cold.  

Q:        Do you have a sense that you are still rising up?  

A:        Oh, yes.  I’m rising up into a shape.  My logical mind doesn’t want to accept this!  I must be the one
creating this!  Their blue skin may not be skin.  It might actually be something covering their skin.  I think they’
re more like humans, not the way we look, but their brain may be more similar to ours than the other beings,
in the way it functions.

Q:        Okay.  Are you seeing them again now?  

A:        Yes, but I’ve been pulled up into this thing in the air on this beam of light.  

Q:        What position are you in?  

A:        I’m standing almost straight up, but it’s as if I’m flying.  
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