Nadine Lalich
For 20 years, Nadine’s professional life included working in the legal
field as a litigation assistant, project coordinator and document
management specialist, analyzing and organizing evidence, issues and
events to assist in preparing legal cases for trial.  Throughout her life,
she has also maintained a pervasive interest in the study of psychology
and various techniques for recovery from addictive behavior and
emotional trauma.  Over a period of ten years, she mentored several
hundred individuals in various recovery programs, created and
facilitated self-discovery, goal-setting and esteem building workshops
and writing groups, and produced a line of inspirational children’s
items, nationally distributed.  She has explored spiritual expansion,
physical healing, and accelerated mental functioning through meditation
techniques, sound and light machines, sensory deprivation tanks,
neurolinguistic and subliminal programming, and natural healing
remedies including herbs, vitamins and reflexology.  Overall, her
experiences have promoted a unique understanding of the various
psychological and emotional states which human beings can
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Group Facilitator - Data Analysis & Management
Behavior Modification
Consciousness Exploration and Expansion
Nadine, has been actively involved in research, writing and speaking in Ufology for about 7 years, focusing
on the challenging subject of alien abductions.  Over time, she has become convinced of the existence of
extraterrestrial life and the probability that non-human species have been in contact with our planet for
some time, a fact known and hidden by most governments.  Nadine plans to continue aggressively
investigating and supporting disclosure of the UFO and abduction phenomenon,  and exploring alien
technology, the effect of contact on consciousness expansion and the implications of social integration.  
Additionally, she is pursuing studies to become a clinical hypnotherapist.

As co-author and illustrator of Alien Experiences, Nadine enjoyed the opportunity to again bring together
two of her favorite interests - writing and design.  Her first major creative and entrepreneurial endeavor was
as the founder of Hug Bandit & Company in 2001 when she undertook the multi-task adventure of writing
and illustrating the inspirational storybook, The Dream of Becoming.  To accompany the book, she
designed and manufactured a line of items that included greeting cards, bookmarks, dolls, novelties, and
promotional animation for television.  Information on this enterprise can be found online at

Nadine recently appeared in  Terje Toftenes' 2010 documentary
The Day Before Disclosure, and on
Discovery Channel’s television programs, Best Evidence, Alien Abduction and Alternatives to Healing.  She
has been a guest on a number of radio shows including Paranormal Radio and A Global Focus, and a
MUFON speaker and panel speaker on the subject of alien abduction at the Mutual UFO Network
in 2007, 2008 and 2009.  She is a past board member of the Journal of Abduction Encounter Research
(“JAR”) and has been published in the magazine.  Currently, Nadine is working on her second book about
abduction which will be available in 2012.

Nadine is available to discuss the following UFO-related topics:

-An overview of 19 years of consciously-recalled contact, including details from several major events
-A comparison between her personal experience and the 24 other cases presented in her book, Alien
-A brief description of the unusual skills she has acquired, how those skills were developed, and the way in
which they contribute to a unique examination and assessment of the alien abduction phenomenon
-Definitions and comparisons between commonly recognized psychological states of consciousness
versus the mental and emotional  states occurring during abduction scenarios
-Description of seven distinct species that she has encountered, with illustrations and her hypothesis
regarding the agenda of each species
-Suggested methods for stress and fear reduction for abductees experiencing negative encounters
-A general hypothesis regarding the alien abduction phenomenon
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Although relatively new to the study of Ufology, I am deeply committed to the ongoing
exploration of the abduction phenomenon that appears to be taking place in the lives of untold
numbers of people worldwide.  The goal is to collect the best possible evidence, physical and
otherwise, that will support the premise that the Earth is being visited by various non-human
races with, more than likely, a variety of agendas.  I believe that answers will come from a
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