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April 8, 2006, 6:45 am

Last night I had an ET dream that I believe that an actual contact of some kind took place.  It was an alien invasion of the planet and very involved.  This is what I
consciously remember.

It is night time and I walked out onto the porch and I look up into the sky.  I see a gold light way up in the night sky and it is moving very fast and strangely, zig zagging
and changing directions quickly.  I call Debbie out and she sees it.  I know they are here and they are coming onto the planet.  All of the electricity goes dead in the
house and surrounding area.  There are no lights anywhere in the house or in the neighborhood.  I think of trying to call Pamela to tell her, but I can’t find my cell
phone in the dark.  I am looking for it and a flashlight.  I feel in shock.  I keep going back onto the front porch and looking up.  Within a few minutes, there are dozens
and dozens of ships up in the sky.  They are cigar shaped, very large, and still quite high in the night sky.  It appears like a beam comes from the front end of the
ships and spreads out about the circumference of a quarter circle.  Then there appears a large number, hundreds, of smaller ships which have exited the large
ships and they are literally filling the night sky, again, still at a fairly great distance away up in the atmosphere.  All of the ships literally fill the sky now.  I am very
uncomfortable and the lights have never come back on.  Nothing is working in the environment.  It stays dark for awhile, perhaps a half hour and then we (Debbie and
I) hear what sounds like a large crowd of people coming through the streets, and they are mumbling something repeatedly as if in a trance.  There are a hundreds of
people coming this way, walking in the middle of the street.  As I stand by the front door, a round disk about 6 inches across comes flying through the air and lands at
my front door, literally bouncing off of it and landing on the ground.  It looks like white paper almost, but I believe it is metal and capable of flying through the air by
itself.  It has unusual small black symbol writing on it, with a small nickel sized hole cut into the center and a notch or two on the edge of the disk.  I know somehow
that this disk holds information relating to me on it.  It has come to my home to indicate to “someone” that I am one of the abuductees they have been working with.  I
do not want to touch it and I try to kick it with my foot away from the door, but go inside quickly.  The crowd is now just about in front of my house.  I think to myself that
they are gathering us into this group to pick us up, but I do not want to go.  The crowd is directly in front of the house and someone from the group (are they human or
alien?) has come to the front door as if expecting me to come out, but I do not.  The crowd moves on.  I realize at this point that the aliens are going to make
themselves look like us so that the humans are not totally freaked out.  They can affect our cerebral functioning to cause us to see what they want.  There is a robotic,
emotionless, manner about them in this form.  I am thinking of Pamela again and wanting to call her, to warn her, but I cannot find my cell phone.  I know then that
anything we think or transmit will be overheard by them.  Debbie is very upset and keeps talking about getting back to her family.  I am wondering about where my
dogs are.  Somehow, they seem to have disappeared and I am thinking they have been “turned off.”

Next, it is daylight.  I just outside my front door again and I am alone.  I look up at the sky and you can see dozens and dozens of ships spread all across the sky, now
much closer down to the earth.  I suddenly find myself away from my house and inside of what appears to be a waiting room in a hospital or hospital-like corridor.  
There seems to be a couple of people I know with me, or that I should know.  I realize then that “they” are now all over our planet and disguised to look like us; there
are even children.  As I am waiting there “for something,” I realize that I feel weightless somehow and I think to myself that now my psychic powers have suddenly
grown and I know that I can levitate and move in the air if I try.  I do try, and I see that it is almost like unlocking from gravity and I can float a little bit off of the ground.  
(Have they done something to our gravitational force of the planet?)  I do move about through this corridor, momentarily able to raise myself off of the floor and
accelerate a bit forward.  Suddenly, Murphy and  Molly appear at the door of the hallway where I am standing and they are very emaciated and appearing like they are
“waking up” after a long time and they have obviously not eaten or drank in awhile.  I give them some water, and perhaps something to eat.  They are very “out of it.”  
Have all the animals been “turned off” during the invasion I wonder and they are now, several days later, just awakening?  

What are the aliens up to I am wondering.  I look outside of the window of the building that I think I am in and I see a city off in the distance, a city’s downtown area
with many very tall skyscrapers.  I see a large cigar shaped ship suddenly come down from the sky and brush the top of the building, causing it to topple sideways
and collapse.  The ship, or ships, do this to a number of buildings as I watch, mortified.

Next, I find myself walking through a very large open area like a warehouse or inside airport area.  There are a lot of “intake” spots set up where people are in lines
and being checked in somehow.  I am wandering through this larger open area and I realize that half of those “humans” that I see really are not humans, they are
aliens.  You can tell by looking at them because although they can look like us, they do not manipulate their faces or bodies like us, freely, nor do they animate
emotion.  They talk very quietly amongst themselves and seem to travel in at least twos.  It reminds me of those two “men” in black that were at the Mufon meeting in
August 2005.  
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Facing the Future
2/23/00 (7:00 am)

  [This took place in Detroit, Michigan, at my parents home.  My father had just died 4 days
earlier, on the 19th, and I had gone back come back the day after he died.  I was in the
process of arranging the funeral, and closing up the house and bringing my mother back
with me to California.]

  This is weird.  It was a dream of abduction, but I know it wasn’t a dream.  I must
remember every detail.  I told myself I would when I was there.  I stood outside at night.  
The sky was very dark with no moon, but the stars were incredibly bright and alive.  The
moon was full and I saw a red planet (was it Mars?) that came between us and the moon.  
It looked like the moon was very, very large and you could see details on it.  I was about to
go inside.  Someone, a man, was with me and he had dropped me off and he was going
away at first.  I realized what was happening in the sky, that something was happening
and I called to him to come back to lookup.  He came back and we watched the sky.  I was
mesmerized.  Then I saw them flying through the sky and I knew they were coming again.  
Their formation was something incredible.  I think there were one or two mother ships with
a number of smaller ones following behind in formation [drawing A].

  I remember falling on the ground, maybe sitting with the shock of it – they were coming
again for me.  I went into the house and there were people gathering there that seemed
very stunned.  I thought of going to hide in the attic, but instead I decided to stay as sharp
as possible and remember as many details as I could.  I would not go into the trance this
time.  I would stay clear and ask questions.  Lots of coming and going.  I’m in the ship now.

  They don’t want me to write or to remember.  I am standing around watching them come
– lots of movement and people too.  They are working with others and not paying too much
attention to me.  Someone is near me – a machine of some sort, five inches wide that
opens up and measures and calculates something in my body [drawing B].  Then I am at
a table sitting.  I see things on the table – devices for measuring, analyzing and
calculating, glass tubes, cylinders, small in the center, much glass and shiny surfaces [
drawing C].  Symbols have curves and angles.  Someone across from me.  One behind
me, implanting, probing my back through a hole in the back of the chair.

  I feel more aware than I ever was before.  After sitting at the table, I remember all the
instruments for measuring and someone setting things in front of me, clear plastic charts,
several.  They want me to look at them, to memorize or test me, or to put some ideas into
my brain.  I don’t want to.  I am mentally fighting them.  The one across from me seems
agitated by my resistance, but he (seems like a he) is preoccupied in working on some
instrument.  One is to my side, seems female, leaning over me and setting things down
on the table.  Someone comes over and sets a small round tray of “insects” in front of me.  
There are other little, what looks like “lids” on the table for others, filled with these insects.  
My insects look different.  I see one that looks like a centipede and I know they want me to
eat them.  I think it is disgusting and I don’t want to think about that [drawing D].  The
female to my right (I think) looks human and I realize they are trying to alter their forms this
time – to look human to us.  Is she a tall white, or a grey one really?  I ask her in my mind if
they are repulsed by us and she thinks, “yes,” maybe nods.  Then the next thing, the items
and the bugs are gone.  I know it is later.  The one on my right is gone.  The symbol sheets
are still in front of me and they want me to look at them, but I keep asking questions in my
mind.  I ask the one across from me at the table if he is surprised how awake I can stay
now.  He “tells” me (thinking), “yes,” and I ask why he thinks that happened.  He says they
did not count on me “falling in love,” that somehow that affected my psyche and woke me
up more.  They are here because Tom died and that affected me too, and they wanted to
see how that affected me.  I know one of them is back there where I am sitting. He is trying
to work on my lower back without me knowing he’s doing it.  It hurts.  I try to pull away.  
There is a hole cut into the back of the chair where he is working.  I pull away and I feel
attached to the chair and him, whatever he is doing.  Am I naked?  Is he implanting
something, and is helping my body or harming it as an experiment?  Something to my
head too, left side of my neck, ear?

  I ask the one across the table, or I tell him that they are not God.  They may think they are,
but they are not!  He “tells” me that my concept of God is not accurate, to expand my mind,
that God is not permanently one way.  He says that we are the focal points and that God
goes outward into infinity, that God expands as we expand, not to limit my thinking
[drawing].  I say, “I know.”

I also remember asking the one to my right if we look repulsive to them.  She says, “Yes.”  
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