Warren Aston is the author of many books and papers
dealing with the UFO phenomenon and with the Book of
Mormon.  His original research has taken him to most parts of
the world including the Middle East, Central and South
America, Africa and the Pacific islands.  He divides his time
between Australia and the U.S. and is a popular speaker at
symposiums and conferences.
Warren Aston
Researcher and Author
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Warren Aston interviews
Stephen Mara from the village
of Fuliabu (Malaita) about a
"rocket" local people
occasionally see flying over
their village.

September 24, 2011
A mysterious "rocket" seen over Malaita island,
Solomon Islands 2011 interview
In the Footsteps of Lehi
Revised 2012 Edition in Full Color
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Cutting Edge Insights Behind
the UFO Phenomenon
A Synopsis of the Amazing Story of
Mass Alien Contact
that Began in Europe in 1956 and
Continues to this Day!