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Melinda Leslie is a researcher, investigator, and lecturer in the field of Ufology.  She is the Director of
UFO Sighting Tours
in Sedona, Arizona and conducts nighttime UFO sky watching investigation tours with the use of
military Generation III Night Vision Goggle equipment, as well as daylight UFO “hotspot” tours, and vortex tours in
the amazing scenic beauty that is Sedona, Arizona.
Melinda’s UFO Sighting Tours        

Melinda’s Vortex Tours

Visit Melinda at The UFO Research Center        

Melinda’s UFO Discussion Group        

341 State Route 179 Sedona, AZ 86336-6111
Melinda also conducts weekly UFO Discussion Groups for those that wish to share their personal
experienced, hear about her abduction and sighting experiences, or have questions. All things UFO and ET
are discussed and everyone is welcome.
To book a tour please call:
(888) 881-6651 Free       
928-282-7220 Concierge
Melinda Leslie
Researcher, Investigator, and Lecturer in the Field of Ufology
310-502-5398  linnie@onebox.com

“Everything we wanted and then some.  Very awesome experience.  This was truly an experience that everyone
should experience.  Seeing spacecrafts or unidentified objects travel through our universe…epic.”    
Randy & Kira – California
UFOs seen: 12
What was seen:  Rapid moving lights, an abrupt turn, many appearing and disappearing suddenly, changes in
direction, and a very bright large streaking light.

“Very informative and interesting experience – Great way to spend a clear night in Sedona.  Thanks!”    
Wendy & Wendy – California
UFOs seen: 9
What was seen:  Rapid moving lights, arching paths, many disappearing suddenly, and 2 flying together in formation.

“Hell of a nice, interesting, and fun experience.  Great for kids.  My son (age 9) says it was a “cool” experience!”    
Fatemi family – California
UFOs seen: 11
What was seen:  Rapid movement, strobing light, arching paths, appearing and disappearing suddenly, abrupt stops,
and changes in speed.