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Melinda also conducts weekly UFO Discussion Groups at the Center for New Age in Sedona, Arizona for those
that wish to share their personal experienced, hear about her abduction and sighting experiences, or have
questions. All things UFO and ET are discussed and everyone is welcome.
Melinda Leslie
Researcher, Investigator, and Lecturer in the Field of Ufology
310-502-5398  linnie@onebox.com
series and for nine years she hosted over one hundred monthly speakers.  Her speakers included the most
prominent names in UFO research, alternative and new Melinda was the Associate Producer of both the San
Francisco and Los Angeles 1994 and 1995 UFO Expo West conferences.  She also assisted in producing and
International UFO Congress, and the Mt. Shasta Convergence Conference.

Over the years Melinda has appeared on and served as a segment or project consultant to numerous television
shows including; The Other Side, Encounters, Strange Universe, and Sightings.  

Melinda Leslie is an abductee, has been public with her own personal experiences for over twenty-four years, and
for twenty-two years has investigated and researched a covert military and intelligence agency involvement in UFO
abduction cases.  She has interviewed over one hundred abductees, and many researchers, regarding their
personal experience and knowledge of this unique phenomenon involving the harassment, surveillance, and re-
abduction of extraterrestrial abductees by human agencies.  The primary focus in Melinda’s investigations is in
assisting the abductees and on the gathering and documentation of evidence.  

For four years Melinda was Director of two UFO abduction experiencer support groups and continues to provide
consultation and support to abductees on a regular basis.  She currently conducts an ongoing weekly UFO
Discussion Group at the Center for the New Age in Sedona, Arizona.  Melinda has also been a UFO Investigator
and Researcher for over twenty-two years and has conducted numerous investigations of individual UFO sighting
cases and known sighting “hot spots.”

For over twenty-five years Melinda has been a lecturer on a variety of alternative and paranormal subjects.  She now
specializes in lectures on sky watching with military Generation III Night Vision equipment, the covert military and
intelligence involvement in the UFO abduction phenomena, and general UFO abduction information.  She has
lectured for numerous organizations and conferences including multiple MUFON chapters, the X-Conference, the
International UFO Congress, the International UFO Congress Summer Seminars, the Bay Area UFO Expo, UFO
Expo West, the Whole Life Expo, the Project Awareness Conference, and many others.

Melinda has appeared on numerous radio programs including Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory, Dreamland
with Art Bell, UFO Undercover with Joe Montaldo, The Jeff Rense Show, The Hilly Rose Show, and many others.

Melinda’s research and/or experiences have been written about in ten books: Camouflage Through Limited
Disclosure by Randy Koppang, UFOs and the National Security State Vol. II by Richard Dolan, MILABS: Military Mind
Control and Alien Abduction by Helmut Lammer, Flying Saucers 101 by Harold Burt, On the Trail of the Saucer
Spies by Nick Redfern, One in Forty the UFO Epidemic by Preston Dennett, Extraterrestrial Visitations by Preston
Dennett, and Abducted by Aliens by Chuck Weiss.  And she is a contributing author to the book Paranoia: The
Conspiracy Reader and in the new publication, “The Art Of Close Encounters” by Kim Carlsberg.

Melinda was also the Co-Founder and investigator with the Orange County Paranormal Researchers (OCPR, in
California), an independent team consisting of trained and experienced investigators specializing in the use of
scientific methods for providing evidence and verification for the existence of paranormal occurrences.  The team
conducted investigations for twenty years and specialized in continuation of consciousness  (ghost hunting and life
after death) research.
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