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James Gilliland
Skeptic or Believer?
    In the case of UFOs, if you have taken the time to research the hard evidence that DOES exist (i.e., highly credible
witnesses, expertly analyzed videos and photos, electromagnetic effects, ground traces, etc.) you might, as I have, at least come
to the conclusion that intelligently operated “unidentified" flying and underwater objects DO exist.  Regarding alien abduction of
humans, finding hard evidence has been extremely difficult.  In that case especially, labeling oneself a believer OR a skeptic
could be limiting as it suggests that the
thinker is close to making a conclusion without the presence of complete evidence
(although some strong material evidence does exist as in Dr. Roger Leir’s research and in many cases of body traces).  It might
be suggested that until concrete evidence is established, an intelligent stand would be as a skeptic where until proof is
presented extraterrestrial life and crafts do not exist.  The problem again is the labeling either way as there is the inherent
danger that all future information and potential evidence presented will be filtered through this
mental filter in order to
substantiate the current position.  


   Other than for a claim of lack of evidence, what other motivations might there be for a skeptic (or a government) to negate the
possibility that UFOs and ETs exist?  Some other reasons might include conscious or unconscious apprehension, fear of
personal harm, a change of status or loss of power.  In our current human condition and our society-at-large, openly accepting
the concept that we are not alone would shatter long held beliefs and cause us all to rethink the power, influence and control
that has been granted to religion, politics and corporations.  Worldwide, our human perspective would need to be reviewed,
drastically adjusted and new agenda drawn for the future.   In the media, a declared skeptic of controversial subjects draws a
good deal of personal attention.  In most debates the skeptic will be at little or no risk to reputation for taking that position and
instead will be perceived by most as more intelligent, logical and in control than the investigator of paranormal phenomenon.


   As for believers, certainly there are instances of people seeking attention or those who have emotional issues.  For the
sincere, intelligent investigator or experiencer, the path of a believer is a far more difficult road to take which innately brings
certain risk and sacrifice.  Open discussions before family, colleagues and personal friends, especially at the public level, opens
oneself up to ridicule and rejection, loss of respect and reputation amongst colleagues, and a potential overall negative impact
to career, business opportunities and personal relationships.  Needless to say, identifying as a skeptic is at the very least a
much safer stand to take than a believer. For these reasons alone, there are untold numbers of viable witnesses with important
information regarding the phenomenon that will never come forward.


   Personally, I find it challenging at times to maintain a balance between rationally and intelligently evaluating information while
remaining open and without prejudice toward
all possibilities.  It requires diligently keeping an eye out for unconscious agendas
of my own and those of other people and organizations, as well.  Although I have come to the conclusion that in many reported
cases of human contact with alleged extraterrestrials (including my own)
something very unusual is indeed taking places
happening, I
am not at all certain as to the absolute nature and facts of those events.  Also, being new to the work (I began my
own investigation in 2004) I am very aware that there are many excellent researchers who know these roads far better than I.  
When I began to openly address and discuss the UFO/ET abduction issue, it required a good deal of consideration from the
standpoint of reputation, career and ego.  Eventually, I came to the conclusion that no matter what the phenomenon turns out to
be, these matters need to be addressed as they relate to the overall evolution of human consciousness. Eventually, I gave
myself permission to explore these and other paranormal matters without having to come to absolute conclusions.  Having this
freedom, as I continue to explore and gather information regarding such controversial issues, I simply build a hypothesis and
allow it to continually evolve.   The journey remains open and exciting.  
UFOs and ALIEN ABDUCTION:  Are you a "believer," or a "skeptic?"  
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