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Whatever happened to the ever popular, “in my experience, I’ve found such and
such to be true.  At least, that’s what I’ve heard or been privy to.”

Let’s begin my story at the beginning.  Last June 2011, I got a call from my girl
friend of 30-plus years.  Just as she was ready to hang up she told me about
her boss who had just undergone a sleeve gastric bypass surgery and lost
about 80 pounds.   I was by then horribly OCD about diets, recipes and losing
weight; it had taken over 60 years of my life, with me as an accomplice.

I thought one day I would come across “the answer” for me.  I’d been taught to
check everything out for myself and not believe what anyone says, authority or
expert.  I was starting to get some health issues because of my morbid obesity.  
OMG do I hate those words; they are disgusting! I was very healthy, but I had
issues; BMI 45, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, Venus stasis on both legs,
neuropathy on my feet, and atrial fibrillation non-valve.  The woman I was talking
to and I are both decisive people.  I hung up and made an appointment 55 miles
from my home, the closest seminar available, to pursue weight loss surgery.  
The process took 6 months before I was able to have surgery.

I have been lied to by omission for many decades. I was buried in my career
during that time and I only made time for fast food - that’s about it.  Still, it
seemed I was hungry all the time without satiation. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s
what they all say.)  I had to see a bariatric psychologist, the nicest and most
informed guy I can ever remember meeting.  I mentioned to him that I had noted
on the paperwork he had me sign the he would keep me informed and also
diagnose whether or not he thought I was delusional.  I had always had a 97-
pound consciousness, was totally confidant, a businesswoman out amongst
them, social, romantic, sexual - the whole enchilada.  Still, I was 145 pounds
overweight.  He told me I had an eating disorder called non-purge/binge.  
Having that condition meant that I could diet until I could no longer stand the
hunger and then I would gain it all back and more.  I refrained from diet drugs,
as I was a recovering alcoholic.  When the hunger became extreme and I could
longer stand the reduced portions, I would visit the local fast food drive through.  
Never radically overeating, but eating the fast and wrong stuff more often, it
appeared my psychologist was correct.

When I retired and moved to another state I became totally enamored by raw
food, nuts and grains.  Yum.  When I ate all my homemade corn chips (5 cobs of
corn) I knew I would never get “the answer.”   My doctor said a plethora of
hormones were randomly invading my stomach (leptin and ghrelin).  Ever heard
of these monsters?  I never had.  Two weeks later I had my first meeting with my
soon-to-be surgeon who verified the validity of this anomaly.  He also said 90%
of the symptoms go away with surgery; I can live with that.  The psychologist
also mentioned weight loss surgery was my only solution.  “Who knew?” is an

The 6 months process was filled with a lot of old anger issues, like “Why didn’t
mom or my school, or my 28 previous surgical doctors teach me better? “  In
reality, it doesn’t matter, as I am where I am with my current situation.  I am now
2 weeks post-op with my new tool and, yes, it’s not the end all and be all; the
rest is up to me.  There are lots of rules and habits to assume, sure to get me
healthy and stylish in the years to come.  I have to get on the treadmill or
stationary bike everyday, but now I call it "activity" instead of exercise.; it’s an
easier pill to swallow.  I’m compelled to tell you they promised me a 30 to 40
pound loss the first month.   I asked, so I figured you would, too.  

It’s workin’ for me!

Coming next time: “The Value of Worrying and Complaining”  How’s that workin’
for you?
It's Workin' For Me!
by Dixx Anderson
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