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Facing the Future
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As human beings we live, at best, with a limited view of reality.  Initially, the beliefs of society-at-large.  
Often well-intentioned parents, friends, our traditional education system, media and television influence
our thinking far too early.  Our belief system grows to include who we think we are, how we relate to
others, what is of value, and what we think we need and should do. Very early on, these issues and many
more form our personal sense of reality that includes how we perceive and what we consider to be real or
not real.  
We develop an emotional comfort zone which can cause us to screen out ideas that do not support
our growing core beliefs and emotional preferences and aversions.  Our childlike sense of
curiosity, openness and
wonder dissipates, and we focus on matters that reinforce a sense of control and comfort.  Our childlike
sense of curiosity, openness and wonder dissipates, and we focus on matters that reinforce a sense of
control and comfort.By the time we reach adulthood, consciously and unconsciously,we steer clear from
many new challenging concepts that threaten what we now believe to be absolute reality . Now, as the
saying goes, we don't want to rock the boat of a life we have worked hard to be appropriate and  
respectable; there is little motivation to explore out-of-the-ordinary concepts  that might require us to have
to painstakingly re-evaluate our world.    to whether we believe it to be good and to our advantage, or bad
and something we should avoid.  When presented with a new concept our general response will also be
influenced by what we are seeking or avoiding at that moment in time.  Timing can make a difference as
to how we respond to new information.   
Add to this the fact that most humans are absorbed in making a living and day-to-day survival which also
compels them to take the road most commonly travelled to accomplish that goal.   By going along with
the crowd there is a greater chance of obtaining and maintain status, property and power within a
society.  Such is the case of a tenured professor who only receives funding for "acceptable" research and,
thus, he steers away from the study of controversial matters.  Is it any wonder then that most people find it
intensely difficult to focus
On this web site, you may encounter ideas that you have never considered or those for which you are a
confirmed skeptic.  Some of these concepts may appear radical or fanciful at first glance, as many initially
were to me.  I encourage you to keep an open mind as best you can and simply
ponder the possibilities.
Keep an open mind and have fun; there is no need to jump to conclusions.  Barring obviously negative,
abusive or violent ideas, it can be beneficial to sit with a new idea for awhile before forming solid
conclusions.  Many tried and true concepts are essential for a balanced life, but when reviewing new
information, impulsive judgments can limit personal growth and entrap an otherwise adventurous
intellect.  I hope you enjoy traveling this site with a lighthearted stride.
If we can't see, hear or touch something does this mean it doesn't exist?
Perception - Something to Think About
Regarding Life in the Universe...  Government
admission that there are beings from outer space
could “erode the foundations of earth’s traditional
power structure.  Political and legal systems,
religions, economic and social institutions could all
soon become meaningless in the minds of the
public…civilization as we now know it could
collapse into anarchy.  Such extreme conclusions
are not necessarily valid, but they probably
accurately reflect the feras of the ‘ruling classes’ of
the major nations.
     -Victor Marchetti, Former CIA Official
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