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Extraterrestrial Technology
             Alien Technology by Nadine Lalich [JAR Magazine 2009]
          Five years ago, I came out of the closet regarding personal encounters with what appear to
be extraterrestrials.  For 15 years prior to that time, I had been aware these strange encounters
with anomalous beings were taking place, but I shared this secret with only one other person, a
trusted, longtime friend. Interestingly, since 1991, I have been able to recall ninety percent of the
encounters of which I am aware without the aid of hypnosis.  In 2004, after a particularly intense
period of contact, I had had enough of the secrecy and the loneliness that accompanies such
secrecy.  The fear of repercussion to my career and personal life became a small price to pay for
the freedom to explore the truth.  

          As my quest for answers unfolded, I found my voice through co-authoring the book, Alien
Experiences, in which a portion of my personal story is revealed in the chapter Marie. Now, free
from fear and anxiety about these continuing experiences, I have been able to focus more on the
details of my encounters, as well as the phenomena at large.  In doing so, I find certain aspects of
the alien presence to be of particular interest to me, one of those being the technology and devices
extraterrestrials employ for the physical and mental examination and indoctrination of abductees.

          Another area of interest to me are the pictures, holograms, or screen projections of images
that have been presented to me during abduction, some of which also suggest alien technology.  

Dental Chair: One of the most unusual devices I have seen and experienced, is what I call the
“dental chair.”  This chair is made of a smooth, solid metal, looking somewhat like brushed stainless
steel.  It reminds me of a dental chair because the seat sits on a pedestal base about three feet
from the floor. The back of the chair tilted slightly backward and narrows at the top.   When I
watched a man being placed in the chair, I noted that the top of the chair arose several inches
above his head, thus restricting any backward movement of his head.  The chair did not have
typical armrests. Instead,  projecting straight out from the side of the chair back were long,
rectangular metal panels, slightly longer than a human arm when fully extended.   From the back,
the chair gave the appearance of being somewhat like a cross.  From it’s design, it was obvious the
upper body of a human sitting in the chair would be restricted, allowing easy access to the occupant’
s head, arms and hands.  In the contact event when I observed this chair, I recall that as I stood in a
line, waiting for my own turn, I watched as a man was placed in the chair, screaming in terror, and
then observed three Grays working on his upper torso.  Considering that I knew I would also be
placed in that chair soon, I was surprised I felt emotionally detached and without fear.   When the
time came for me to occupy the metal chair, I believe an implant was placed into one of my back
molars, under a crown, and another small, black object was implanted into one of my outstretched

Spine Access Chair:  Another type of chair into which I recall is a normal size chair made entirely
of an acrylic-type of material in a barrel shape with the back one long piece that extended to the
floor, which served as the back leg.  There was a slight curve inward of the back piece and the
entire chair was see-through.  In the center of the chair back was a section cut away, approximately
eight inches by 10 inches which allowed for access to the lower back and spine area of the human
sitting in the chair.  While in this chair, I was completely paralyzed and was made to focus on
activities being orchestrated at a table before me.  All the while, I was fully aware a Gray being was
performing a painful procedure on my low back, which I believed to be another implantation.

Nasal Comb Implant:  During one of the type of exercises, which I have come to think of as mental
preparation, I watched as two round, clear glass cases were placed before me at a table where I
sat.  One of the cases immediately before me, was approximately two and one-half inches across
and about three-quarters deep.  The lid of the case appeared to be a magnifying glass that gave
the appearance that the object inside, which looked at first like a caterpillar, was about an inch long
and a quarter inch wide.  I was appalled when I first thought they were going to make me eat this
object, which looked to be an insect.  As the experience progressed, and the lid came off of the
case, I found the object inside was not an insect, and the object was much smaller than it appeared
thought the magnified top.  In reality, it was approximately an eighth of an inch long and looked like
a very tiny comb.  This implant, I believe may have been placed into my nasal cavity.

Mass Pacification Device: One of the most spectacular sights shown to me during one of my ET
encounters took place when I was on a ship and in a training session.  During this experience, I was
shown pictures on a screen by several Tall White entities, who suggested to me that the event they
were going to show me was a future probability, and going to come to pass during a time when a
mass arrival of extraterrestrials would take place upon the Earth.  At first, I watched a large capsule,
in the shape of a badminton birdie, descended from a clear night sky in the desert, some twenty or
thirty miles outside of a city that appeared to be Las Vegas, Nevada.  As the capsule hit the
ground, it began to rapidly spin, while opening up arms, which allowed it to dig down into the earth.   
As though looking at a cut-away section of the earth, I watched the capsule dug deeper and
deeper, while its extended arms continued to elongate.  By the time it was several hundred feet
down into the earth, it had transformed itself into what looked like an octopus, with the center being
the body of the octopus and fifty feet in diameter and the dozen arms extending outward over one
hundred feet.   Fully extended and secured in the ground, the massive object spun rapidly in the
cavern it had created, generating some kind of electro-magnetic energy that the ETs implied was
capable of physically affecting all of the human beings living in the adjacent city.  Thus, I was
informed that their ability to control us was not just through telepathy or mind scan practices.   
Rather, the extraterrestrials in this experience suggested that they were capable of mechanically
affecting the neural processes of a great number of human beings at the same time who were
located within proximity of one another, such as in a city.   Their intent, I believe, was to render as
large a group of humans as possible into a passive, non-aggressive state for easy manipulation
during their arrival and integration into our society.

Human Locator Discs:  A very interesting device appeared in one of my experiences that I think of
as a locator disk.  On this particular occasion, I voluntarily left my home in my nightclothes in the
middle of the night while living in Lake Forest, California in 2006.  In the front of my home, I noted
that a number of other neighbors in my community were standing about the sidewalk and in their
front yards in a somewhat hypnotic state.  I recall feeling fearful on this occasion and as I existed
my onto my front porch, I could see in the distance another group of people in nightclothes making
their way up the street toward us.   As I stood there in front of my home, I gazed up into the clear,
summer night sky and I saw several triangular crafts hovering at a distance of about a thousand
feet.  Suddenly, I saw that tiny objects were being released from the crafts, which apparently were
flying independently away from the crafts and moving down toward the neighborhood.   A minute or
so later, one of these objects literally landed at my feet, and I noted that it was a round, silver and
black disk, approximately eight inches across, with a long, one-half inch wide notch cut into the
edge of disk toward the center.  Strange shapes or writings were etched on the surface of the disk
and tiny rectangular indentations appeared throughout.   Immediately, I felt these flying disks were
locators, devices that would identify the location of an abductee or a group of abductees, and which
also contained information about the individual or group that was being targeted.  I believe these
disks may have served as a homing  beacon to alert crafts in the vicinity regarding the location of a
targeted human or group of humans for some purpose other than a typical abduction.  

Symbol Box:  A familiar device has been presented to me in a number of abductions during what I
think of as training exercises, which I call a symbol box.  During these sessions, the rectangular box
would be placed on a table in front of me and I would be instructed to visually concentrate on the
symbols contained on the many sheets within the box.   The box is about twelve inches in length,
four or five inches wide and an inch thick, and once opened, it appears to be softly lit from within
from an unknown source.  Completely transparent, the box looks to be constructed from a clear
glass or plastic and contains inside many thin, transparent pages that are attached at the back as if
pages in a book.  The symbols themselves are actually cutouts in the sheet and a see-through,
iridescent film covers the opening, a film that may contain information and some kind of energy,
much as a computer chip.  Somehow, by merely concentrating on the film filled symbols, a human
being is able to subconsciously absorb information, which I believe certain ETs intend to retrieve or
activate within the human at a later time.

Vibration and Sound Cylinders:  Another device that I have been exposed to that may also be
used for indoctrination purposes, involves sounds or vibrations that emanate from tall, glass tubes
filled with clear liquid.  These tubes have on occasion been set before me on a table, eight to ten in
number, a group of varying size cylinders which ranged from six inches to eighteen inches in height
with a three to four inch circumference.   The same clear glass or acrylic material is used in
construction of the tubes, which, besides a varying amount of clear liquid, also glow with an internal
light from an unknown source.  There has been an attendant, usually a preying mantis type of
being present during these sessions, who has conducted a mind scan on me or some other probing
type of telepathic contact simultaneously as I view the cylinders and listen to the vibrations coming
from them.  Etched upon the side of each cylinder is a large symbol, quite similar to the symbols
that are contained in the symbol box referred to earlier.

Author’s Conclusion:  When considering the alien technology and devices that I have apparently
personally encountered in some fashion, I note a familiar theme present that is common in most
aspects of abduction: deception, manipulation, and lack of human consent.  Certainly, I understand
there have been accounts of positive intervention, often in the form of physical healings, but to my
knowledge, these events are also cloaked in secrecy, performed without consent and involve
rendering the abductee into an altered state of consciousness.  Although I appreciate the fact that
the human race can be unpredictable and often volatile in nature, I do not believe that that reason
alone accounts for the ETs extreme subterfuge.   

I believe that discovering the intentions of the extraterrestrial races visiting our planet is vital to the
future of the human race, and that many clues to their intent can be found within the abduction
scenario, and the devices and technology they employ in such encounters.  All of these
technologies and devices have a purpose that serves to promote the aliens’ ultimate goals,
whatever they may be.  Exploring at length those possible uses could unlock many clues as to why
they are here and what they truly seek to accomplish.  As an abductee who would have preferred to
avoid ET contact altogether, no explanations have ever been provided to me by the visitors and
nothing in their behavior or technology has convinced me that their actions are for my own good,
therefore, I remain cautious and skeptical.                                                                 


[NOTE:  Subsequent to publishing this article in 2009, I encountered interesting information at the
2011 International MUFON Symposium in Costa Mesa, California that could possibly verify what I
have seen.  First, I noticed an illustration on a brochure displayed by a researcher at the
symposium that was remarkably similar to the "flying locator disks" I discussed in this article.  Later
during her talk at the convention, Linda Moulton Howe also presented a picture of the same "flying
locator disks" that appeared as a crop circle in Wiltshire England in 2008!  Additionally, in her talk,
Ms. Howe amazingly discussed some of the latest ET "software" that may be able to act
independent of hardware, activated by some kind of energy in the atmosphere.  This information
correlated with the  "symbol box" that I described in this article which seemed to have some action
upon my brain and memory simply by my looking at the film-filed cutouts.]