"If slaughterhouses had glass walls
everyone would be a vegetarian."  
Paul McCartney
A Wholistic and Futuristic Perspective
aken from the files of
renowned researcher and
Lamb, and co-authored by
Nadine Lalich,
this book
recounts in amazing detail
25  cases of close
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HOLISTIC APPROACH: This site is dedicated to promoting a holistic view of the Earth and the cosmos. This includes not only all life forms and systems on Earth, but
also the non-teresstrial life that exists throughout the cosmos. Developing a holistic view takes into account that the parts of any whole cannot exist and cannot be
understood except in their relation to the whole. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as reflected in holistic medicine that attempts to treat both the mind
and the body, or holistic ecology that views humans and the environment a single system. As we move forward, the coming decades will bring unparalleled
challenges with regard to the continuing existence of the human race and all of life on Earth.  We hope you enjoy your visit!
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James Gilliland
INVESTIGATOR/RESEARCHER Derrel W. Sims had his first encounter with an alien presence more
than alter his life forever. As a result, at a young age, he made the decision that he would no longer
willingly be victim to their bizarre quests. With the abduction of his young son, he determined to
change his role in life from being the “hunted” to the “hunter”. Every path he took, would equip him
mentally, physically and intellectually to become a warrior for his cause and to assume the role he
was born to play. As a result, Sims has spent the past three decades researching the world of alien
beings. His area of focus has dealt primarily with medical and scientific evidence of human/alien
contact.To that end, he has spent years studying and training in a broad range of areas that would
provide him with a full array of skills necessary for his search to find evidences of these entities.
From his accomplishments and certifications in hypnotherapy, to his education in Graphoanalysis
(handwriting analysis), he has pursued extensive training to assist in his efforts to aid abductees in
reclaiming memories of their experiences. In addition to learning the methods for memory retrieval,
Sims has acquired considerable training in police, military, intell and investigative work. These assets
are critical to aid in the search, rescue and discovery of alien evidence. Being the first to collect and
share the concept of alien implants, Sims has been sought by those in the UFO communities, as well
as those within the medical and scientific communities, to share his breakthrough methods at world
wide conferences. In addition to this global recognition, he has been acknowledged for his
contributions via a series of awards and commendations. His acclaim is further recognized through
the many requests he receives annually to appear on a variety of radio and
INVESTIGATOR/RESEARCHER Derrel W. Sims had his first encounter with an alien presence more
than television shows, where he shares his knowledge with thousands across the globe. Derrel Sims
is the Alien Hunter.
Derrel W. Sims