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More UFOlogy
© 2008 - 2016 Nadine Lalich  
UFOlogy - Dr. Karla Turner
© 2008 - 2016 Nadine Lalich  
(1947 –1996)
Alien Abduction Researcher and MILAB Pioneer
After several years of being out of print and
becoming a bit of a collectors item; TAKEN, the
startling accounts of alien abduction as documented
by the late Karla Turner, has been refreshed and
reissued faithfully with the sole input and
authorization from husband Elton Turner. With a
new foreword written by the legendary Nick Pope
who with 21 years of experience at the British
Government's Ministry of Defence and an incredible
history of research and broadcasting, puts it best
that Taken is a real ‘researcher’s book’. This is the
ultimate investigation of the paranormal links
between humans and 'other worldly' beings.
Dr. Karla Turner focused on the psychology and ethics of those alleging that they had been abducted,
visited, probed and tormented by extraterrestrial beings. As a former college instructor who held a doctorate
in Old English Studies as well as a B.A. and M.A. earned in both America and England respectively; Turner
gave her heart and soul to help those trying to make sense of the things that didn't make sense. Dr Turner
lost her battle to breast cancer in 1996 but her legacy to the paranormal field is all but not forgotten.
Following the 2013 reissue of TAKEN, a book that has been