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Leo Sprinkle

R. Leo Sprinkle ,  Ph.D.

PhD: Professor Emeritus, Counseling Services, University of Wyoming

Dr. Sprinkle is the author of Soul Samples (1999, Granite Publishing) and has published
several encyclopedia entries; a half dozen book chapters; and approximately 50 articles on
various topics, including:

-- UFO research
-- ESP
-- Hypnosis
-- Reincarnation
-- Spiritual Emergence
-- Counseling theory and practice

His ground-breaking pioneering research investigating the UFO "abduction" field began in the
mid-1960s and set the standard for research in this controversial field of study. He has
participated in many regional and national television programs, including ABC TV's That's
Incredible, NBC TV's Tom Snyder, Tomorrow Show and has been invited to speak at several
international conferences. He founded the Rocky Mountain UFO Conference held every June
in Laramie, WY (now in its 23rd year) and he is a member of the American Association for the
Advancement of Science; American Association for Counseling and Development; and the
Association for Past-life Research and Therapies.

"My approach is to minimize the tendency to 'explain' (or explain away) the reality of psychic
experiences, and to emphasize the willingness to 'explore' the personal meaning of these
human experiences of spiritual emergence.¨

Long before it was popular to explore the possible extraterrestrial presence, Dr. Sprinkle was
quietly, professionally and sensitively working on this great mystery. He became a lifeline for
those who had experienced unusual contact.

As a professor at the University of Wyoming and a therapist, Dr. Sprinkle has conducted over
500 hypnotic regression sessions with individuals looking to explore their possible UFO
contact experiences. Among these were many of the most sensational and well-documented
cases of our times.

In 1980, Dr. Sprinkle founded the Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation which is
still going strong. The conference has served as a focal point and beacon of hope for
hundreds of abductees/contactees/experiencers hoping to come to terms with their
"high strange" experiences.