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Patty Greer
Patty Greer is a fearless film maker who took her cameras into the UK Crop
Circles in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2014. In August of 2007 she
had a “Contact” experience in an English Crop Circle that altered the
course of her life dramatically. She awakened from the experience with a
relentless passion to understand the Crop Circle phenomena further & to
film them, day and night. With no training or experience in filmmaking or
UFOlogy whatsoever she’s produced 8 UFO films in record time. Patty
visited more than 100 UK Crop Circles personally and developed a
telepathic communication with what seems to be the “Circlemakers.” She
believes this is how the movies were written and co-produced; often
through telepathic communications at 3 AM. She wrote down what she was
told and was always in the right place at the right time with cameras. It
seemed effortless to produce the films and the movies received six
prestigious awards; Best Film & Best Music. She has loved the creative
process & the productions are organic; live in the fields, spoken in the
moment rather than pre-written & produced by intuition!

Greer takes the study into a new realm of possibilities, offering evidence
that Plasma Balls of Light are involved in the creation of many Crop Circles.
“Crop Circle Dairies” introduces Penny Kelly, the silent lab partner of the
late great scientist William Levengood for the last 15 years of his life. Their
evidence and conclusions are extremely important and very different than
what we’ve been told. Blending Patty’s years in the fields & the research of
Levengood and Penny “Crop Circle Diaries” brings science & reality
together into a story about the phenomenon that makes sense. Featuring
personal stories about Greer’s strangest experiences in the Crop Circles
you’ll soon understand what it feels like to be inside these grand geometric
formations. She usually went into the fields alone, and was always silent
once inside. She would head for the center & lay down every time. This is
how she listened* Sometimes she went into Crop Circles at twilight, which
very few people would do. She was fearless & recalled the first time she
climbed into a Microlite airplane to fly over the Crop Circles and the pilot
asked if she wanted her door off or on! At first she laughed but he wasn’t
kidding, so she flew with the door off, even on windy rainy days. If there was
a new Crop Circle, nothing could stop her. She was relentless & determined
& had great gear.

Patty believes that the Earth, human consciousness and ETs have been co-
communicating Crop Circle messages for centuries. Her movies & talks are
like a backstage pass to unraveling these multidimensional communications
that have been left like sticky notes in farm fields around the world for
atleast 200 years that we know of. Bridging the gap between metaphysics,
ET technology and science, Levengood’s research answered her questions
thoroughly. Greer believes “Crop Circle Dairies” may be her last Crop
Circle movie. Not much to say after this.

Website: www.PattyGreer.net