"If slaughterhouses had glass walls
everyone would be a vegetarian."  
Paul McCartney
A Wholistic and Futuristic Perspective
aken from the files of
renowned researcher and
Lamb, and co-authored by
Nadine Lalich,
this book
recounts in amazing detail
25  cases of close
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HOLISTIC APPROACH: This site is dedicated to promoting a holistic view of the Earth and the cosmos. This includes not only all life forms and systems on Earth, but
also the non-teresstrial life that exists throughout the cosmos. Developing a holistic view takes into account that the parts of any whole cannot exist and cannot be
understood except in their relation to the whole. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as reflected in holistic medicine that attempts to treat both the mind
and the body, or holistic ecology that views humans and the environment a single system. As we move forward, the coming decades will bring unparalleled
challenges with regard to the continuing existence of the human race and all of life on Earth.  We hope you enjoy your visit!
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James Gilliland
Steven Greer
the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and the Disclosure Project, which
based initiative to contact extraterrestrial civilizations.  The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit
research project, whose goal is to disclose to the public the government’s alleged knowledge of
UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and advanced energy and propulsion systems. It was founded in
1993 in an effort to grant amnesty to government whistle-blowers willing to violate their security
oaths by sharing insider knowledge about UFOs. Greer says he gave a briefing to CIA director
James Woolsey that same year.

In October 1994 Greer appeared in Larry King's TV special The UFO Coverup.

In 1995, Greer was working as a physician at the department of emergency medicine at Caldwell
Memorial Hospital, where he was chairman.

In 1997, Greer along with other members of CSETI, including Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, made
a presentation at a background briefing for members of Congress. In 1998 Greer gave up his
career as an emergency room physician, in favor of the Disclosure Project.

In May 2001, Greer held a press conference at the National Press Club in D.C that featured 20
retired Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration and intelligence officers".

According to a 2002 report in the Oregon Daily Emerald, Greer has gathered 120 hours of
testimony from various government officials on the topic of UFOs, including astronaut Gordon
Cooper and a Brigadier General.

In 2013 Greer co-produced Sirius, a documentary covering his work and theories over
extraterrestrial life and government cover-ups. The film was directed by Amardeep Kaleka and
narrated by Thomas Jane, and covers Greer's 2006 book Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge.